North, Gambit and Gambit join Starseries S5

North, Gambit and Gambit join Starseries S5

Three more teams have been invited to join Starseries Season 5. The three teams have been doing quite well in the recent matches. Starseries Season 5 will commence from 28th May 2018 and continue till the 6th of June 2018. The Tournament has a prize pool of $300,000 and will be held in The National Palace of Arts in Ukraine. 

As of now, the team list for StarSeries i-League looks as follows:

North America Liquid Europe mousesports
United States NRG Europe HellRaisers
Kazakhstan AVANGAR Sweden GODSENT
Ukraine Natus Vincere Poland AGO
Sweden NiP Australia Renegades
China Tyloo China VG.Flash
Denmark North Poland
Kazakhstan Gambit Other TBA