Rubino replaces E3tag on Heroic

Rubino replaces E3tag on Heroic

The Danish roster of Heroic has undergone some changes with their lineup. Rubino will be replacing E3tag on the Danish team.

We are in the process of building an even stronger Heroic with the ambition to get closer to the best teams. The team holds a lot of talent and quality already, but we also need to constantly evaluate what qualities are required to take the next steps. In this process we became aware that we could potentially bring in RUBINO, and even though we have seen a lot of work and improvement within the team, I feel that he can bring more of what we need to take the next steps.

At the same time I’m sorry we have to bench Patrick, who is a great person and a hardworking, loyal and skilled player. His talent will bring him far, but I feel we need other qualities on the team and in that position to take the next steps. I am confident we’ll see Patrick out there – he a great guy and a very skilled player