Fissure to move to Los Angeles Gladiators

Fissure to move to Los Angeles Gladiators

Fissure will be moving to Los Angeles Gladiators if a report by ESPN is to be believed. The transfer is pending Overwatch League approval. London Spitfire won Stage 1 of the Overwatch League. However, the sheer amount of talent on the roster has made them capable of almost having two Overwatch League teams. Their bench included members such as Fissure, Rascal. With Rascal moving to Dallas fuel, there are rumors about Fissure moving to LA Gladiators. 

Fissure will join iRemix and Bischu on the Gladiators tank roster. LA Gladiators have only seven members on their roster right now. The increase in the number of rosters will be definitely useful for the team as they will look forth to make changes and substitutions.

Source : ESPN