VG.J announce their comeback into Dota2

VG.J announce their comeback into Dota2

VG.J is coming back into the Dota2 Professional scene. They made a blog post about the same which also lists their new roster lineup.

“I’m excited to announce we’re right back to competing, and I’d like to introduce our newest Dota 2 team, which includes some familiar faces!

Yawar has been a promising core player for a long time, hungrily grinding in search of the right circumstances to break out. He diligently stood in for us in November after Ritsu’s departure and carried himself (and the team) quite capably.

Timado I first encountered years ago when he was just a polite, extremely young IXDL player looking for advice and competition. He has unselfishness and maturity well beyond his years and we’re hyped to help him become the star he seems certain to become.

Sneyking has always been a ferociously driven competitor, and I’m happy to work with him once again as he continues to hone himself as a strong voice and leader.

MSS has been undisputedly a top tier player for some time, a monster who excels at multiple positions with a large hero pool. Can’t ask for much more experience, knowledge, and versatility in a playmaker than this.

And SVG brings unique wisdom and perspective as one of the few to have both coached and competed at the highest level.

Glad to be going to battle with these guys.”

Their full roster is :

  • YawaR
  • Timado
  • Sneyking
  • MSS
  • SVG