Tairong issues apology over Bomb tweet

Tairong issues apology over Bomb tweet

Tairong is the head coach for Houston Outlaws. A few days ago, he made a very insensitive tweet about a bombing. When the learnt the true meaning of the tweet and how insensitive it was, he has issued an apology for his words.


Hello. This is Tairong, the head coach of Houston Outlaws.

After the week 5 match I recklessly posted a bomb meme without realizing the sensitive implications and meanings it had. I only realized it after hearing the explanation from many people. For not knowing about its seriousness, I am feeling sincerely guilty towards the people affected by my post, and all the Overwatch League fans who love the eSports scene.

I wish to make myself clear that I am not a person who has feelings of racism or xenophobia. Overwatch League is the the top league in the world harboring the best players from around the world who showcase the most amazing actions, and I am sincerely proud to be a part of it.

Therefore I couldn’t bear skipping the terrible mistake that was caused by my lack of knowledge. Because I know that by ignoring it I would no longer deserve to face my players and other teammates.

I believe that with only a piece of writing, it isn’t enough to convey my real feelings of regret and apology, so I will make two promises.

* One – I will consider the impact that my behavior will have to fans in accordance with my job and position before taking any action

* Two – I will donate $1000 to the NGO named Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation in order to show my sincerity for apologizing

Houston Outlaws were placed third in the playoffs for stage 1. They are currently placed 2nd in the Overwatch league.