Nemiga to replace Fontan at CIS Minor

Nemiga to replace Fontan at CIS Minor

Fontan confirmed to the organisers of the CIS minor that they will not be able to attend the minor. One of their players failed to supply a scanned copy of his passport in time.

As a result of this the team were disqualified. Fontan was under heavy criticism recently after it was revealed that at least two of their players were banned for cheating. The CIS Minor will run from October 26-29 at the PGL studios, in Bucharest, with $50,000 and two spots at the Main Qualifier for ELEAGUE Major: Boston up for grabs.

The current list of teams confirmed to be attending the event :

Russia Spirit Kazakhstan Tengri
Kazakhstan AVANGAR Ukraine pro100
Russia Quantum Bellator Fire CIS NOTBAD
Belarus Nemiga Russia Fantazeri

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