Mortal Kombat CSGO team disband

Mortal Kombat CSGO team disband

Mortal Kombat have been unable to find the right fit for Bubble who was released to ex-Outlaws last month. The team has struggled to find a replacement for the veteran player and despite repeated attempts they have not found one suitable to their needs.

MK have decided to disband due to difference of opinion over their gameplay style. Victor and dreamer will attempt to stick it out together in the market.

In the last few months, while bubble was still in the squad, we tried to make the right choices and find the perfect playstyle that fits us. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out great, which caused the departure of bubble.” v1c7oR told

“We decided to give it another shot with our trial BrN, but bad stuff happened lately, we didn’t listen to each other, so a bad mood and nerves started getting to us. We lost the last events the same way like before, and at last, me and dream3r decided to stop trying it out this way.”

“We would like to wish the best of luck to spyleadeR, sHEMETA, and BrN, we wish them to achieve great things with their new rosters. Me and dream3r will try to stick together in the future. You can reach us via