Gamerz and Fnatic join forces

Gamerz and Fnatic join forces

Gamerz is a reality show where 10 great talents divided into 2 teams compete against each other to win a pro contract in a new CS:GO team. The series was broadcasted live 24/7 on Twitch.TV, YouTube LIVE, Facebook Live, Znipe.TV, Viafree and GINX.TV


In a definite upgrade, Gamerz will not be limited to only Nordic talent. They have expanded their scope to the entirety of Europe. They will be partnering with Fnatic and the winners of the reality show will be joining Fnatic’s academy team. This is a definite step for the casual players looking to go professional. Others can watch and learn from the reality show the intricacies required to win.

Fnatic has a rich history in finding, educating and growing esports talents, and we are proud to have some of the biggest esports pros competing under the Fnatic banner.

Partnering with GAMERZ gives us again an opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with the newer generations. And of course the opportunity to welcome new talent into our CS:GO Academy team.

Through GAMERZ, we will get a cool scanning of all the talented players out there. We are really looking forward to this.

For more information you can visit their official website.