Athletico add Infrequent and Pan1k

Athletico add Infrequent and Pan1k

Athletico were crushed in the finals of the Kings Cup Grand finals. While the semifinals were much more closely fought the finals were definitely a whitewash in a big way.

Infrequent was released from Tainted Minds without any obligations. They did not want to hold him back or look for buyouts for one of their very own.

This is what their coach PeetyG said to HLTV :

“An exciting new era has begun with two prolific roster changes being made to help Athletico move forward in the quest to being the premier CS:GO roster in the Asian region,” he said.

Dickstacy and badge have been moved out of the roster and onto the bench and with the inclusion of InfrequeNt and pan1K coupled with a few role changes, where flickz will become the in-game leader moving forward.”

“We believe this mix of players has what it takes to compete at a high international level. Although the start of a few premium leagues is upon us, we believe these changes will help increase firepower.”

The final lineup for Athletico is :

Australia Sam “flickz” Jones
Australia Matthew “Texta” O’Rourke
Australia Mitchell “Sync” Dale
Australia Jesse “InfrequeNt” Barker
Australia Tyson “pan1K” Missak

Australia Peter “PeetyG” Souvlis (coach)
Australia Willem “badge” Clarke (backup)
Australia Ollie “Dickstacy” Tierney (backup)