Zeus joins Natus Vincere

Zeus joins Natus Vincere

Zeus departure from Gambit was quickly followed by the announcement of his induction into NaVi Gaming. This has been leaked over the past few days and it is heartening to see Zeus return to his former CIS team. The team will bootcamp on August 15. Their next matches will start on August 22, for the ESL Pro league Season 6. 

“Seven days ago, I would have said that Dania’s transfer to Na`Vi was impossible. Nevertheless, the situation is constantly changing and life provides unexpected opportunities. I am proud that the legend is back to the club. I am also happy that Kane, the man who had brought Gambit to victory at the last Major, joined us. We believe that his outstanding cooperation with Dania, vast experience and in-game thinking outside the box will strengthen our team. It is truly heartbreaking to bid farewell to Andi. Andrey was a part of our organization since 2014, and went from website author to team analyst; think about it, he became a coach of Natus Vincere. I am thankful for all the work you’ve done for us, and wholeheartedly wish you good luck!”.


Source : NaVi website