New York might become home to LW Blue

New York might become home to LW Blue

The Overwatch League is slated to begin in the end of 2017. The league puts itself to become the face of esports with many features similar to traditional sports leagues.

Sterling VC is close to signing a deal with LW BLue to secure their roster. The LW BLue roster is an extremely successful one and were one of the favorite teams to be playing in the previous season of OGN Apex tournament. This deal is being in talks over several weeks with LW Blue owner Ji Yeong-hun and Luminosity Gaming owner Steve Maida helping broker it.

LW Blue DPS player Flower will not be able to play in the inaugural season right now. He is just 17 years old and while he will be signing the contract, he will only be able to play once he is 18 or above.

This news was first reported on ESPN.