Kips speaks up about her decision to quit TNC

Kips speaks up about her decision to quit TNC

Kips recently announced her departure from the TNC Pro team. Being an integral part of the team, it was a surprise to some to see her depart the organization. There were only a handful of people who were privy to her decision. However in a recent post on Medium, she explains her thinking behind the decision.

I couldn’t say anything to the team — I couldn’t reach out and share the grief, and I couldn’t tell them how I really felt either. But then again, I hadn’t been able to share my feelings for quite a while now. I watched Theeban give the post-loss interview and felt even weirder. I had to leave. I went downstairs to my family and friends. I hugged my sister and cried.

She explains that she felt useless on the team. The team had reached a point where she just felt that she could not offer anything more to the team. She wanted the team to win and the players deserved someone who could form a better team with them. She will continue to coach players and will look for new oppurtunities. But her time with TNC has definitely come to an end.