Fnatic change Dota2 roster

Fnatic change Dota2 roster

Fnatic crashed out in the Group stage at the International. Being the proud organisation that they are within esports, this was a result that they had not hoped for. They have decided to make changes into their Dota2 roster. Results matter and their results in the upcoming months will go a long way in making them a stronghold in Dota2 scene.

At our core, the pairing of Ohaiyo and DJ was always incredibly important to lock down. They forge a solid foundation for the roster, both in their world class ability and in significance to the Fnatic legacy.

Joining them are new faces in Jacky ‘EternalEnVy’ Mao and Johan ‘pieliedie’ Åström who both come into the team from Cloud9. Juggernauts in their own right, the pair’s résumé speaks for itself: champions at the 2016 Shanghai Major, finalists at Frankfurt 2015 as well as multiple tournament wins across the globe. We’re super excited to have the two on board and eager to see the direction they take the team in!

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