Cloud9 replace Optic Gaming at Dreamhack Malmo

Cloud9 replace Optic Gaming at Dreamhack Malmo

Optic Gaming recently underwent sweeping change in their roster. This has already led to their disqualification from the Eleague Premier. However another news that we have not yet reported is that they are also replaced on Dreamhack Malmo list. They will be replaced by Cloud9 who will travel to Malmo to play in the $250000 tournament.

This will also be the first event for the new roster of Cloud9. They have recently made changes by adding Tarik into the CSGO roster.

Final Participant list :

Brazil SK Denmark Astralis
Europe FaZe France G2
Denmark North Ukraine Natus Vincere
Poland Sweden fnatic
United States Cloud9 Brazil Immortals
Kazakhstan Gambit Sweden NiP
Singapore B.O.O.T-d[S] Europe mousesports
France EnVyUs Australia Renegades