Outlaws and NRG in transfer dispute

Outlaws and NRG in transfer dispute

There has been a big controversy on the cards with the transfer for Cerq. Cerq is an extremely talented individual for Team Outlaws. Team Outlaws’ parent company, UltraPlay has put out a statement condemning NRG for talking to Cerq behind the organizations back. This is highly unethical according to UltraPlay and they have posed several questions to various tournament organisers and players regarding the same.

“If we want eSports to be recognized as professional sport, we have to integrate some good practices from traditional sports where regulation and transfer rights are already well-established and protecting both the player and the organization. Take for example football where part of the transfer money goes to the player’s first team as a reverence and recognition of its achievement from where it all started.”

A look at their “Questions” :

“Question to ESL: Will you allow a player, who is on an active contract with team A (Outlaws) to play in the ESL Pro League NA for team B (NRG eSports)? Will you take certain measures to prevent this occurrence and set it as industry standard?”

“Question to WESA and ESIC: What kind of actions can be taken, and what is the general stance of your organizations when it comes to such wildly poor ethics and theft of players?”

“Question to NRG eSports: Coming from the traditional sports space with owning Sacramento Kings and understanding the basic principles of sports integrity and transfers procedures, what do you think is the most rightful way to proceed in this situation?”