Cerq responds to Outlaws’ Statement

Cerq responds to Outlaws’ Statement

In another twist to the Cerq – Outlaw controversy, Cerq has now come out with a statement in collaboration with his legal guardian, his father. The two have issued a statement clearly mentioning that Outlaws do not have any binding contract with the player. This move by Outlaws to shame NRG is a tactic employed by the organization to gain some financial benefits for themselves.

“CeRq and his father would like to set the record straight – there exists absolutely no binding agreement between UltraPlay and its team Outlaws, which would prevent CeRq to act, or be treated, as anything other than a free agent.  It had been CeRq’s free choice to train and compete with Outlaws in recent past, and it also was his free choice, with the consent and encouragement of his father and legal guardian, to begin seeking other opportunities going forward.”

While CERQ has still not officially been announced as a player for Team NRG, he is believed to be playing for the team in the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 6.