Acilion and Cadian leave undefined

Acilion and Cadian leave undefined

Undefined Team Captain Hunden has announced that Acilion and Cadian have left the team. Acilion’s departure from the team was partly due to his desire to Lead players in – game. This was not possible on undefined due to Hunden’s presence on the roster.

“I’ve decided to leave undefined/ex-Tricked. It has been awesome to play with these guys ever since I came back from NA. I had to find my confidence again and I think I managed to do that while playing with this team. Thanks so much to my former teammates for a really good half year <3″

“Ever since I stopped being the ingame leader in SK I’ve had the urge to go back to that role since that’s where I think I can be the most useful to a team.”

“It’s time for new challenges and this is where I feel motivated and what I want to spend all my time focusing on. I still believe I can get back to where all the fun is. It’s gonna take some time, but I’m ready for the challenge and I’ll hopefully be back soon with a new team.”

Undefined Roster :

DenmarkNicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen
DenmarkJohannes “b0RUP” Borup
DenmarkDanni “smF” Dyg
DenmarkVictor “Andkilde” Andkilde (trial)
DenmarkRasmus “SandeN” Sanden (trial)

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