Reinforce joins Overwatch Contenders as an analyst

Reinforce joins Overwatch Contenders as an analyst

Reinforce will be seen as an analyst for the Season 1 of Overwatch Contenders. This mostly comes in the wake of less time remaining for the overwatch Contenders. 

As we’re getting closer to OWL and its roster lock in late October, I’ve decided to accept an offer to work as analyst for the duration of Contenders Season 1.

Given there’s a hard roster lock after week 4 I’ve realised it would be hard to join an OWL aspiring team currently in Contenders as soon as that given I was informed of my role in Misfits just last week and most teams decided their rosters few weeks back preparing for Contenders S1, and so I considered it’d be best to put time into broadcast talent experience and study the game rather than sitting at home playing ranked 10 hours a day while considering my OWL offers.

Since I play a less mechanically demanding role as well I do believe studying the game just helps me become a better player as well going into OWL and I’m just fortunate I have a fall-back unlike most free agents.

After Contenders I’d have a month of free-time ahead of Blizzcon to practice, and even more before OWL so I don’t believe it will hurt me as a player either, I will also continuing playing as much I can during weekdays inbetween match days.

Hopefully you guys will enjoy my time on the desk, looking forward to it!

My main priority is still participating as a player in OWL.