Silkthread quits CLG due to studies

Silkthread quits CLG due to studies

Ted Wang, Silkthread is an 18 year old high school graduate. He will be quitting playing professionally in order to focus on his studies. It is important for players to focus on their studies in order to help their careers and future. Silkthread will be attending UT University. 

With his departure, CLG is left with only five players. They are

  •  Joao Pedro “Hydration” Goes Telles (DPS)
  •  Nathan “Miso” Lui (Flex)
  •  Bryan “iShiny” McCarthy (Tank)
  •  Jake “Shake” Kaplan (Support)
  •  Daniel “Mikado” Yamilkoski (Support)

Silkthread thoughts on Overwatch League

Well, my thoughts on OWL is that I think it’s definitely exciting and awesome even coming from a person who most likely won’t be participating in it. I think it’s a great step for the future of esports in general and hope that it succeeds as much as I desire it to. Obviously, many orgs have been dropping/leaving the OW scene recently so it’s hard to view the scene going in a positive direction at the moment but I really hope the OWL fixes that. Regarding the recent announcements for OWL, it’s just so great for me personally to see this fantasy-like thoughts of an official league for Overwatch slowly turn into a reality.

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