MegaMan to stop casting

MegaMan to stop casting

MegaMan will stop casting CSGO soon. He has been involved in the scene for the past few years and has been a delight to watch at lower tier tournaments. Either ways he will not be casting any longer.

Hello everyone! I till try my best to keep this short.

I am taking a step back from casting at the moment for a number of reasons. The main reason is because of family. Not many of you, if any, know that my father is currently battling cancer. It is a difficult time at the moment, so family is incredibly important and I want to spend as much time with him as I can, while I can. This is something I have always stressed when it comes to talking to others both in and out of the industry. Cherish the moments you get to spend with your family, you’ll never regret doing so.

The second reason I am taking a step back from casting is personal involving myself. I have been fighting with pretty severe depression, and I want to take a little time for myself as much as I want to for my family. It was been a tough road going from nearly being full time in the industry, working beside all the big names and attending events, to not being invited, and also not doing much online work either. This has hit me relatively hard. I have no one to blame but myself in this regard. I can only apologize to anybody I may have offended, or hurt with my attitude both early on in my career, or behind the scenes. There isn’t much more I can say about that other than I am sorry.

I am sorry to my fans out there, or people who follow me. I won’t be super active on twitter much for the next few weeks, and likely won’t be doing much streaming either. Just know that I have always appreciated the support you guys have given me, as well as the laughs.

I am not done casting. I love it. I love the game, the players, and the talent in the industry. It truly is the best esport there is. But I need to take a little time for myself, and hopefully I can get myself out of this funk once and forever.

Thanks to all of you for being the amazing people you are.