Team Liquid add Fifa player

Team Liquid add Fifa player

Lasse Kongen Bækkelund will be joining the Team Liquid organisation. This is Liquidś first FIFA professional. With this addition Liquid will be participating in 11 esports titles. 

Danish 21 year old Bækkelund, formerly of OB Odense, will henceforth represent Team Liquid at all FIFA tournaments and events. Bækkelund is the only seeded player in Group A in the Playstation 4 bracket at the FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) European Regional Finals which will take place on June 9th. So on only his first full day in his role as a Liquid player post-announcement, Bækkelund will compete to qualify for one of 32 available spots at The Grand Final of the FIWC.

Source and quoted from : EsportsInsider