Rise Nation release an update about their Overwatch team\

Rise Nation release an update about their Overwatch team\

Rise Nation as an Overwatch team has not been performing well. Their roster has been mediocre at best , something that is not very heartening to the organisation. However that being said they are striving to making the team much better and a formidable force to be reckoned with.

The update published reads as :

We are doing one of two thing, we are either splitting up completely or if we reform we will not have all the same members.

From what I know my mans Locke is taking a break / possibly quitting. Locke was one of the first pick ups we had that started turning this team into something and since then has exceeded my expectations with his incredible support play over the last year. He turned out to be one of the best Zens in NA and was a huge part in our run through MSI qualifiers where we only dropped one map in finals and that entire month before MSI where I think we basically didn’t drop a single map in scrims. From going to the bathroom to wet his mouse pad at lan to dropping freestyle mid game or giving us one of his ‘inspirational speeches’. Locke will forever be an incredible friend, teammate and player. He being an English major has joked numerous times about writing his book ‘A Will To Frag’ and I hope one day he goes through with it.

As for the rest of us: We are all fielding offers and could possibly come back together in the future. `

I know I said it before, but thank you to everybody who has supported us over the last year and believed in us. Special thanks to Rise Nation for giving us the opportunity to make this our job.