Owly Six drop their Overwatch roster

Owly Six drop their Overwatch roster

Owly Six have dropped their Overwatch roster with immediate effect. This comes prior to the Overwatch League, where we see many of the more established brands such as Fnatic, Dignitas also dropping out of the scene. The Overwatch league aims to take Overwatch to the next step and professionalise the careers of the players.

It will feature player contracts and give them career stability, something that has been missing from esports in general at large.

The former squad for OwlySix included :

  • Nlaaer
  • matth
  • Av3k
  • Clozz
  • Slepazjtos

They have been a consistent top EU T2 team. Having won several low level tournaments, the organisation was slowly making its name known in the EU Scene. However financial prospects of the Overwatch League definitely seem too daunting even for the more successful organisations. We wish the players the best of luck in their future.