Riot Games wins $10 million lawsuit against LeagueSharp

Riot Games wins $10 million lawsuit against LeagueSharp

Riot had a copyright lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the district of California against Cheat developer LeagueSharp. The lawsuit was for $10 million and it was a successful lawsuit for Riot Games.

The complaint, filed in August 2016, named Leaguesharp developer Matthias Oltmann, administrator Stefan Delgado Argote, administrator Tyrone “Tom” Pauer and a Peruvian company named Chachani Misti y Pichu Pichu as defendants.


LeagueSharp had a subscription model and would provide cheats and hacks for League of Legends which bears Riot Games IP. This undermined their ability to provide a engaging and compelling gaming experience for players.

The settlement further forces Leaguesharp to cease and desist the sale, development, and distribution of its software and turn over all the associated source code and website domains to Riot.