Will Dreamhack get a Major spot in 2017?

Will Dreamhack get a Major spot in 2017?

Recently Dreamhack announced the dates for yet another event in 2017. They announced the Dreamhack Malmo 2017 which is set to be held from August 30 till September 3rd.

This puts the event in the perfect dates for a potential Majors. For the past 2-3 years, we always have had ESL One Cologne being the Major to be held in the middle of the year. With Dreamhack announcing the dates for their upcoming event, this might point towards a potential Major spot for Dreamhack.

Valve being the game developer and the principal sponsor for CSGO major events has to put on a balancing act between the various esports companies looking to host tournaments in CSGO. Traditionally it has always been ESL and Dreamhack; however they have also included MLG and most recently Eleague from North America.

2016 saw Dreamhack not getting a major and Valve might want to compensate them for the same with a potential major in place of ESL One Cologne this year.

How excited would you be to attend a Dreamhack Major in 2017?