The Overwatch Carbon Masters schedule released

The Overwatch Carbon Masters schedule released

Overwatch has been the fastest growing game in 2016. With the playerbase crossing 25 million players, we can safely assume that Overwatch is going to be the next esport game.

The Overwatch® Carbon Series is a competitive, five-week tournament featuring Blizzard Entertainment’s team-based shooter, Overwatch. Since the game’s debut, players and spectators alike have enjoyed a new pinnacle of team-based shooter competition, and Carbon Entertainment is excited to team up with Blizzard Entertainment to provide spectators with a thrilling Overwatch event.

The Overwatch Carbon Series will feature six of the fiercest North American competitive Overwatch teams in a series of online matches, broadcast on Carbon Entertainment’s Twitch channel, directly from Carbon’s newly remodeled studio in Denver, CO. Teams will participate in 10 competitive matches spanning five weeks of primetime competitive play, culminating in a Top 4 Overwatch Carbon Series Playoff on March 25 and 26.

The schedule for the tournament have been released on the official webpage. You can check it out at Which team do you support?