Should VAC banned professional players be given a second chance?

Emilio was recently allowed to play in the Premier Matches on ESEA. Despite being VAC banned by Valve for using cheats, he has been allowed to play on ESEA premier matches.

This was recently brought up by ex-IBP player Dazed when he called out ESEA for allowing VAC banned players to play in the premier matches. At the same time , Dazed who has been lifetime banned by Valve for throwing accusations has not been allowed in the Premier matches. Dazed has been extremely popular with the NA community and there has been a long standing demand to unban him and allow him to play professionally.

Do you think he should be unbanned?

Emilio sure thinks that everyone should be unbanned. Ofcourse his opinion is extremely biased considering that he is one of the banned players. I personally think that all the players should remain banned. Their mistakes / crimes remain detrimental to the growth of teh Counter Strike community in general. Valve has taken a bold and unprecedented step in making sure that any other professional players will not perform morally derisive actions as these players. Cheating and lying about the integrity of oneś game are definitely some things that should be dealt with a strong arm.