Mushi departs Fnatic

Mushi departs Fnatic

In a surprise move that has shocked fans and players in the Dota2 community, Mushi has announced his departure from Fnatic Dota2 roster.

Mushi is definitely one of the most well known DOta2 player in the world. With his experience and leadership, Mushi has been instrumental in making Fnatic Dota2 roster a force to be reckoned with. He has however announced his departure from the Dota2 team.

Mushi has been with Fnatic since 2 and a half years. They tried to win five majors unsuccessfully.

It’s hard to shy away from the fact that the team has been suffering recently. In the months following The International 2016 the roster was never really able to settle and unfortunately this reflected in our results. It is with regret that now we come to this impasse where one of our founding players and most iconic figures has found the best solution is to relinquish his position in order for Fnatic find a new way forward.

We are so incredibly grateful to Mushi for all that he’s given us: for each fan that he has drawn to Fnatic, for all he has done to grow the organisation in South East Asia, for the professional example that he sets every day for aspiring gamers around the world. For all of this, a simple ‘thank-you’ does not do justice. We of course hope to stay close, and who knows, maybe our journeys will come together once more. It goes without saying that we wish Mushi all the best going forward.

Now we must press on. We’re thrilled that Ohaiyo will be continuing the team’s endeavour, joined at his side by our newest player, Febby. Together with Reinnnn, they will now look to a brighter future as they contemplate a new roster.

Source : Fnatic