More esports personalities go public over non-payment

More esports personalities go public over non-payment

There has been a series of news reports and people are coming out with their very own tales. Esports in general has always suffered from shady payment deals and non-payment issues.

The majority of talent do not go public with these details as they fear being sidelined for future jobs. That is the wrong approach to obtaining dues. Esports as with any other job has nothing to do with a contractual agreement. If you fulfil all the terms of the agreement you should be paid. It is black and White.

The last month saw Azubuś name being dragged into public forums over their inability and possibly non intent to pay Organisers GameONGG their dues of $15000. Considering they recently bought out Hitbox for tens of millions of dollars, $15,000 should be chump change for them

In light of these recent accusations, other personalities are also coming out in the open. While some have named organisations, some are threatening to go public over the matters.