Liquid acquire Stanislaw

Liquid acquire Stanislaw

Team Liquidś CSGO roster is extremely successful. The North American roster has been one of the few teams that have regularly made it to playoffs and high level at the tournaments.

One of the bigger problems was the lack of a dedicated IGL. Their search has now resulted in them acquiring Stanislaw for the team.

Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz is one of the few natural IGL’s at the top of the NA scene. The Canadian has grown into the role over the years, with his finest moments coming in the tail end of 2016. He led his team to the throne of ELEAGUE Season 2, and he followed that up with another fine performance at the ECS Season 2 Finals. stanislaw arrives with great expectations, and we will all do our best to meet them.

Team Liquid also posted an interview with Stanislaw on his first day back in the team. Some excerpts from the interview :

I have a unique vision for the way the game should be played. When I became in-game leader of OpTic we changed our playstyle completely and began playing a different style of CS than to when daps was IGL, which is much more freedom based. I believe when people are more comfortable and have the opportunity to take initiative on their own, it brings the best out of them. I definitely plan on bringing this style to Liquid, as it has its proven success, but I also have always appreciated the way Liquid has played CS in the past and will also try my best to learn from what they have used to succeed as well.

Source : Liquid