LifeCoach steps down from Competitive Hearthstone

LifeCoach steps down from Competitive Hearthstone

LifeCoach is one of the most well known Hearthstone champions. He has a long history of wins and trophies.

With the interest in Hearthstone declining with each passing day, Blizzard has tried hard to make it easier to understand for the casual player. In an attempt to bolster the playerbase, they have added more RNG and a surprise element to the game.

Unfortunately this has only served to destroy the competitive nature of the game. With poor cards also being able to grant wins to the players, there is really no incentive in gaining a strong advantage.

LifeCoach explains this phenomenon perfectly with his statement :

If you play extremely well, you might have 65 percent, and [if you] really, really play bad Hearthstone that day, it doesn’t matter, you still have 50-55 percent.