LDLC announce their Overwatch team

With the advent of 2017, LDLC have announced their Overwatch team.


Mihail Cristian « Meza » Paunescu (Tank)
Metehan « Mete » Aksüt (Flex)
Guillaume « KabaL » Ettori (Support)
Artem « Kensi » Budiak (DPS)
Kiryl « Anak » Nikalayenka (Support)
Nicolas « NokSs » Landriscina (Flex/DPS)

The players will come together to play for the LDLC lineup as they look forth to establish themselves in time for the Overwatch League.

Here are a few excerpts from the players.

After one month and a half of tests, I’m glad to announce our “version 2” of the LDLC Overwatch team. The first two players come from Team Fortress 2, and thay are 24 years old : Anak the Belarusian, and Kensi the Ukrainian. On Overwatch, they evolved on teams like Anox & The slavs. Anak plays Lucio and will colead with me. Kensi have a really good Roadhog, and is know for shi Tracer and his McCree. The last player is NokSs. It’s a promising player, and he will play Flex/DPS in the team.



We’re all really excited to have been given the chance to work with LDLC. Each of us will do everything he can to achieve new highs together as a team. Thanks for such a nice opportunity !

Anak and Kensi