IEM katowice Finals to be a Best of Five

IEM katowice Finals to be a Best of Five

The IEM Katowice 2017 is scheduled to be held from 1st till 5th March 2017. It will be the last event before almost a month  long break for the players. Post the phenomenal success of Dreamhack Las Vegas as an esports event, we will be extremely excited to see how IEM Katowice pans out.

In a nice twist to the event, IEM Katowice will have a Best of Five finals. This is one of the few instances when tournament organizers have decided to go with 5 maps in the finals. There are a total of seven maps in circulation in CSGO. Out of these, we usually have at a time 3 maps being played at any given time. Teams which have a deep map pool usually do not have any added advantage over other teams.

IEM Katowice will see the top teams coming together. We hope to see Virtus Pro going for the throne at this meet.

The matches and schedule can be found on the IEM website.