Gamelesson aims to connect pros to casual players

Gamelesson aims to connect pros to casual players

Japan has now a company which allows you to pay to learn from the professional players. Casual players almost always end up hitting roadblocks in their game development. This has prompted the demand for live coaching for professional esports players. The experience and the impromptu decisions taken by the pro players is what sets them apart from casual players.

Japanese Stream company Youdeal has launched a service called GameLesson. The games covered as of right now are Super Smash Bros. , Splatoon and Street Fighter V. The pros currently listed on the website are Haitani Tatsuya, and Yuta Kawamura, otherwise known as “Abadango”.

The plans will be divided into two categories. We will have online coaching system with the price being approximately $39 per hour. The local LAN based Coaching will be approximately $97 per hour.

The service is not yet live and will be launched soon by GameLesson