Evil Genius were not allowed to have a CSGO team due to other teams threatening EG

Evil Genius have been one of the teams that has been well known in past iterations of Counter Strike. However they have surprisingly not fielded a CSGO team. Evil Genius in Dota2 has had a lot of success with their TI win in 2015.

Twitch acquired Evil Genius a few years ago. This was seen as a big ticket buyout for the streaming organisation. Whie it was seen as a big move for the organisation in general it ruffled quite a few feathers in the NA CSGO industry.

When it was announced that Twitch acquired EG it was only obvious that EG will invest in a CSGO team. In fact there were rumors that Twitch were in talks with Hiko and a few other NA organisations at the time.

Jack Etienne from Cloud9 and several other team owners flatly stated to Twitch that they would be boycotting the streaming service were EG to field a counter strike team. This would be a rebellion of sorts as most of the players from these teams were big time streamers on Twitch. There has been no confirmation if this was put forth in writing or not. But this definitely put Twitch / EG plans to field a CSGO team on the backburner.