eUnited signs Reunited

eUnited signs Reunited

eUnited have been continuously teasing their upcoming Overwatch team. of course the timing matched with Reunitedś announcement of a new organisation. There were strong rumors of eunited signing on Reunited.

Reunited were one of the best teams in the EU division. They have however been inactive for a long time. The lack of an organisation supporting them was definitely a deciding factor in their absence from several tournaments. The main reason for the lack of an organisation is that the roster wanted to settle in on a good organisation. This might mean certain conditions that they set in before the organisation in order to be in a partnership with them

“We’ve been without an organization behind us for a while now. Mostly because we really wanted to take our time and make sure we ended up in a good new home. A place with the same goals and ambitions and we are happy to say we’ve found just that!” captain Thomas ‘Morte’ Kerbusch said. “We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us, Overwatch and eUnited!  Massive shout-out to all our fans out there; last year was amazing – let’s make 2017 even better!”


The team will move to Korea to bootcamp for the Overwatch league. There will be more news on the Overwatch league coming up in the upcoming months.

Source : PVPLive