EnVyUs to announce their future today

EnVyUs to announce their future today

The French Super team has been formed. With the stars of the scene coming together to form a team that they believe can be the world’s best team, Happy was left to form another team with RPK. Ex6tenz has approached Maniac to form his own roster in LDLC.

This move leaves three teams in the French scene :

  • Gamers2
  • LDLC
  • Happyś team

Happy is not yet approached by EnVyUs to pick their team. EnVyUs had three of their players poached from their team and are now left basically without a roster.

Considering how well invested EnVyUs is into the CSGO scene it would be interesting to see what their next move is. The French Superteam had a high salary and EnVyUs CEO would not pay that high a salary for them. With these changes, EnVyUs can be one of the big tournaments to actually leave CSGO. They will release a statement soon about their future prospects.