Eleague release Viewership numbers

Eleague release Viewership numbers

Eleague have released the numbers of the Eleague Major Viewership. There were a total of 3.6 million people watching the Eleague Major.

Eleague Major was the first CSGO major to be televised nationally. While only the finals were televised nationally, there was enough interest to make it a successful broadcast. Eleague and WWE staff have already said that esports for them does not mean only TV viewership. They are approaching esports casting in a very different manner than the treatment meted to the traditional sports.

Esports has always traditionally been cast on online streaming services such as Twitch and Youtube Gaming. The demographic of the peope who consume such content is very young and as such forms the core market for most of the advertising agencies and brands. In order to target such an audience we can only expect these brands to come into twitch in order to advertise. We might see Twitch going the way of Television with periodic and regular intervals.

The most recent major had a viewership of 3.6 million people.

These include 1.8 million first time league viewers. So for all you detractors saying that there will not be new viewers, this is definitely a befitting reply.