Complexity Dota2 roster announce changes

Complexity Dota2 roster announce changes

There have been changes to the Complexity Dota2 team. The NA based organisation posted on their official webpage saying that they will be no longer feature Cancel.

While canceL is going to take some time away from Dota, it is our hope that he will remain part of the compLexity organization and stream under our banner from home in Romania. Players of Antonio’s personal character and integrity are rare, so we would be very grateful to have the continued opportunity to work with him.

Cancel will not be playing Dota2 for the roster. However he might still be a part of the organisation and help them in other ways. Further details will be revealed in the days to come.

“Unfortunately in the recent qualifiers I was not performing at a level that I expected of myself, and I felt I was holding the team back. As a result I decided to take some time to work on my play individually, rather than holding my team back. I am stepping down in the hopes that the team can find someone that is able to help them win, while I improve on my own. I would like to thank coL.Dota, compLexity, and the fans for the good times. I’m sorry to have disappointed this time, but I will keep working hard and I will not give up.”

Antonio ‘canceL’ Mihai