Cath joins Selfless Female CSGO team

Cath joins Selfless Female CSGO team

Selfless is one of the few and rare organisations to host a female CSGO team in addition to their main Male team. This has prompted a significant competition amongst the female gamers. We have seen certain female players as Juliano being able to 1v1 the best players in the world.

In a statement Emuhleet says :

“After many tryouts and a long trial period, we decided Cath was the exact player we were looking for. With her years of experience and great attitude, we have never felt more confident in our roster and what she will bring to the table. We, as a team, are more excited than we have ever been and cant wait for our debut at IEM Katowice. Thanks again to the fans for your continuous support. We won’t let you down!”

With this roster change the current roster for Selfless is as follows :

  • Emuhleet
  • Rain
  • Artstar
  • Goosebreeder
  • Cath
  • Sapphire ( Team Manager )