Ajax parts ways with TSM

Ajax parts ways with TSM

Ajax was approached by TSM to make a superteam. However TSM did not want to work with a few of the players that Ajax had chosen for this so called Super team. That beign said the team was slowly coming into action and it would inevitably be a team to be reckoned with. However a awkward tweet that Ajax had sent out in December 2016 saw his career take a hit.

Hey so this is going to be pretty long and explaining not only the title but what happened leading up to me getting signed to TSM and not going to GHOST so if you just want the TSM juice go to the last 2 paragraphs.

Starting off Kungarna/Ghost/TSM so Kungarna qualified fro NGE->made top 6-> made top 4-> placed 2nd at LAN we were obviously trying to find a tier 1 sponsor like an echo fox or a TSM. ConnorJ and I just had been kicked from Renegades and we wanted to get a really good org after what had just happened to our old team mates (renegades nge drama) to ensure we don’t get fucked in the future. Org hunting was really hard because orgs didn’t want to pick up mykl or babybay because of their past etc.

TSM eventually reached out to me and wanted me to sign with them and help build them a top tier roster, I agreed, but I wanted literally every player on my current squad on the team at the time. ORG refused to sign mykl and babybay because of their past, similar to why TSM sold the current coL roster. Later on I would ask to bring them again after LAN where they had proven themselves but answer was still a No. All I could get them to sign was myself, connorj, and b1am. We signed about a week 1/2 before lan and everything to go live right after winter premiere lan was done. The other 3 on the roster were fully aware of the things going on and got approached by ghost at the same time we signed and figured it was a good deal, Ghost had a lot of money and was willing to help them rebuild. Both sides ended up getting a good deal. We agreed to play under ghost for lan and everyone was happy.

Moving on to TSM, i’m in the house currently with b1am waiting on connorj’s visa and the roster is getting finalized for the other 3 soon. Everything was going really well until last night. My boss came to the house and told me the captain and builder of the team is getting cut. 3 months ago I made a tweet that cost me my job. If anyone follows me on twitter I usually speak my mind and up until I started deleting stuff 3 months ago I was pretty bad with my tweets, like basically without a filter, i’m just a 19 year old memer I guess. So i’m going to need to explain the tweet to the public so i’m clear on what it was and moving onto the future so this doesn’t come out and I get “exposed.” So a while back when I made the tweet c9 Reaver was a pretty good meme in the ow community and still is for his drunken nights of rage in voice and on stream in the ow pro’s community discord. One night he came in drunk out of his mind talking a lot of smack and one of my team mates mykl starting messing with him. Reaver starting screaming at him calling him a “dirty sand n*****.” Thus the sand ___ meme was born. I used the coined phrase (typed exactly like this: “sand___”) in a tweet back in December, I deleted it instantly because it was pointed out to me only 1/2 my 150 followers at the time would know its a joke. Yah i’m aware i’m stupid now. The tweet itself got deleted about an hour after I posted and I guess some one screen shotted the tweet. Well I had completely forgotten about the tweet, but my good friends NG CEO mack and Cloud 9 Gods hadn’t forgotten my stupidity. They sent that screenshot over derricks way and it also got posted in our ow pro’s community discord. TSM now no longer wants to work with me because they don’t want their image effected by this if it were to come out on our announcement of the full roster, which I cant really fault them for. To all members of the community I apologize for my crude tweet and in no way is something that I represent or I should have ever said, and I apologize to any one I could have hurt. Looking forward i’ll do my best not wrong anyone in the future.

To all the TSM fans out there, I apologize because I let the fans down and they didn’t even know it yet. All the puzzle pieces now are unlikely to fit together, who knows I could be wrong. I’ll probably be flying home within the next week or so and now looking for a new team.