WESA rebuts claims of going exclusive from 2018

WESA rebuts claims of going exclusive from 2018

WESA has rebutted claims of going exclusive from 2017. There were reports doing the rounds that WESA teams will be given a One year grace period to adjust themselves. They would then be required to be exclusively playing for WESA starting from 2018.

This obviously seems to be a Public Relations sabotage attempt as WESA have confirmed they have no plans of asking teams to go exclusive on their platform.

On the days of their pro league matches, WESA teams are not going to play any other matches in 2017.  WESA has not required any of its teams to drop any other leagues either in 2017 or any subsequent years.  While no decisions have been made regarding league participation beyond 2017, any decision will be a joint one by all WESA members, including the players.  We strongly distance ourselves from any suggestions saying otherwise.”

-Ken Hershman, Executive Chairman & Commissioner

That does leave us with an open ended statement. What is WESA days were 7 days a week? That would effectively ensure WESA member teams cannot play in any other league. While such clever use of words is possible it is in good faith that teams are participating in the league.