UK Gaming Tours team list revealed

UK Gaming Tours team list revealed

UK Gaming tours have completed the lineup of teams in their current league. UK CSGO has always been lagging behind its EU counterparts. The UK teams have faced lots of problems both internally and externally. It has severely impacted the growth of the scene. However with the UK Gaming tours, it will be interesting to see how the teams form up. We have some really well known teams such as CAZ, CEx, Ufrag in the lineup for the event.

The qualified teams are:

  • CAZ eSports (jakem, REAZN, conoR, juho, Boaster)
  • uFrag Gaming (adamxoxo, HypeIzBack, DOMM, Pommey, Kray)
  • Team Endpoint (Immi, Esio, MiGHTYMAX, Luzuh, HudzG)
  • Rasta Gaming (Hayden, Xacty, yan0, Quartz, PSYCHIC)
  • SKUM Gaming (M4ffin, Hawkins, DUKK, FiLLeR, Nika_K)
  • Team CeX (resu, LiamjS, BrodyyyC, deksen, JDD)
  • Impulse Gaming (Samwell, cynic, raY1, JammyJames, Nukkye)
  • ouioui (Pickles, Jenko, Jesp, Kryptix, mole)
  • Team Dafsan (Berty, Logzii, Thomas, Danceyz, dream)
  • Team Bwanter (Ernst, Prezzy, Rybak, shanked, velox)

Four teams were originally invited to the tournament, however FM eSports and Reason Gaming turned down their invites for the tournament. They have been replaced by uFrag Gaming and Rasta Gaming respectively.

The event will take place from 11th and 12th of March. The event which has a prize pool of £10,000 will be spread over 5 weeks. The distribution of the prize pool has not been revealed, however it will be top heavy for the most part.

Source : UKGaming