Tyloo give out statement to HLTV

Tyloo give out statement to HLTV

The Tyloo organisation has been mired in controversy over the expulsion of two of its players. The rebuttal from the players looked to damage the reputation of the organisation. As such they have come out with an official statement recently.

Since TYLOO CSGO team returned to China after the E-League Major Qualifier, team coach Qifang Su (Karsa) and player Yulun Cai (fancy1) have been contacting with other organization, while still in the contract period, and also persuaded teammates to join the other organisation. The behavior has not only damaged the good relationship with the company, but also stimulated internal conflicts in the team.

After serious consultations, the company has make the following decisions:

1. Discharges Qifang Su’s (Karsa) position as team coach.
2. Yulun Cai (fancy1) and Yuanzhang Sheng (AttackeR) into inactive status, banned to represent TYLOO participating any events.
3. Haowen Xu (somebody) into suspension.

We also want to thanks to Hui Wu (DD) and Ke Liu (Mo) for trusting the company in any situation.

It has been reveled that the team Coach, Qifang Su ( Karsai) has been contacting other teams and trying to broker a deal for the players. In the words of Tyloo, this has “not only damaged the good relationship with the company, but also stimulated internal conflicts in the team.”

According to HLTV, Attacker and a few of the players were actually a part of long term contracts with the team. if the players did try to approach other teams despite being in long term contracts with Tyloo, that speaks of unprofessionalism on their part.

It has also been explained that AttackeR recently signed (in November) a new contract set to expire in April 2019, while the contracts of fancy1 and somebody will expire at the end of February 2017. That, however, does not mean that the players will remain banned from participating in all mentioned events until their contracts expire, but until the conflict is resolved.

Right now there have been no other statements from either side. The players will further release a statement on January 11th which will shed more light on the issue. We will keep you informed about any changes in the Chinese CSGO scene.