TheScoreeSports plagiarising articles

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An article by freelance journalist and eSports content creator Cyan has been plagiarised by well known eSports website TheScoreeSports.

Ethics in esports industry are still being established, but there have been instances of people plagiarising well written articles published in websites. This is a feature article that was published by eSports freelance writer Cyan on EsprotsHeaven. The article, according to Cyan was submitted for review around December 2016 and was published on the website on 28th January 2017. You can find a link to the article here.

On the 29th of January, TheScoreEsports published vast pieces of the article on their website. This was not an attempt to rewrite on the particular topic. There were parts of the post which were directly lifted from the original article. No permission was taken from the author or the website ( EsportsHeaven) to do the same. The author was also not credited enough in the article ( only once at the very beginning).

Various imminent personalities in the eSports industry have come out in support of Cyan as they rally behind him in trying to obtain integrity in the eSports industry.