Team Endpoint to acquire Orgless Kings

Team Endpoint to acquire Orgless Kings

In a reddit post, Orgless Kings had requested for organisations to sponsor them. Sponsorship money is requried to travel to LAN events and practice in a secure environment.

We are extremely dedicated, currently practising 5 nights a week, and although are relatively unknown we have some incredible talents in the lineup, along with my experience as a leader to convert the talent into top players. I intend to stay in ESEA premier this season and are expecting to win 7-10 of the games to do so. We are very likely to cause some big upsets.

The reddit post was made around 6 days ago detailing their practice regimen as well as their achievements so far. They have a list of really well funded opponents and hence they definitely would want to be sponsored as well.

According to a source, Team Endpoint would be picking up Orgless Kings. They would help the team travel for tournaments and potentially win some as well.