Team Empire unveil Dota2 roster for 2017

Team Empire unveil Dota2 roster for 2017

Team Empire have publicly announced the new roster for their Dota2 team in 2017. The team will see the departure of their current member Alohadance and G. In their place, their renewed roster is :

The team Empire Manager, Dmitri Belov

I could say some default words about how we chose these guys, about atmosphere in our team and about our expectations from this roster. I could add a couple of sentences like “Welcome to the family!”, “Give us some time to find our game”, “It’s gonna be hard but with your support we can achieve everything” or “We are happy that such strong player like “Username” has joined us”… But it is not going to happen this time — let our results in 2017 speak instead.

Thanks to everyone who supports us and thanks to everyone who stands against us. #WeAreEmpire

The current Team Empire Dota2 roster consists of :

  1.  Vladimir Chappie Kuzmenko
  2.  Rostislav fn Lozovoi
  3.  Andrey Ghostik Kadyk
  4.  Yaroslav Miposhka Naidenov
  5.  Rinat KingR Abdullin

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