Ryujenhong talks about OGN Apex Season 2

Ryujenhong talks about OGN Apex Season 2

Ryujenhong is one of the best Ana players in the world. He is considered to be extremely on point with his Ana play. Somtimes he is th reason why the enemy die. In short he might as well play a DPS with Ana.

InvenGlobal had an interview with Ryujenhong. The excerpts from the interview are posted below :

hat are your thoughts on your two new teammates?
Our coaches form a team of six players depending on which team we are facing against. WhoRU is rather young and new to the scene, but he did really well. zunba already had enough experience in professional Overwatch scene, so I knew he would do well. I have this feeling that good things will happen as we move further into APEX.


You used to sit in behind, but you came in front to sit with others.
I have a habit of coordinating my gameplay with my teammates as I watch their screen from the side ever since I was playing a different FPS game. It was harder for me to do that when I was sitting in the back during the first season. That’s why I changed seats.

Your Ana generated some key moments and made great contribution to the team’s victory.
I was just lucky when I got enemy Tracer. I guessed which direction she would move, and that fit in well. I feel confident when it comes to a 1v1 against Genji. [laughs] Of course none of my skills should be on cooldown if I were to do that. I think 1v1 against Tracer is more like a half-and-half chance. My teammates were also really well-coordinated. We were on the verge of ending today’s match, so we were all super focused and alert.


Did any of those that didn’t play today regret not being able to participate?
We already talked through this issue when we became a team of 8 players. We said among ourselves that it doesn’t matter as long as the team wins. Those that stayed would feel a little bit down for not being able to play in the first match of the season, but I think they would feel happy after all because we won.

Source : invenGlobal