Richard Lewis breaks down the PEA response

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The PEA controversy has just not taken a detour towards settling down. We are seeing mudslinging from both the organisations and the players towards each other. While this is not helping in solving the problem, it is definitely hurting the reputation of esports as a stable and mature industry. Esports has always been looked down upon as the wild west for long.

There have been several controversies in the past about eSports. This has resulted in esport being set back by several years. Richard Lewis takes a dig at his previous compatriot Thoorin.

Richard Lewis has been an advocate for eSports. While he does admit that there might be some merit to the team owners’ argument for the PEA exclusivity clause.

PEA tried to gain control of exclusive CSGO rights in the lucrative NA market. Richard Lewis talks about the flaws int their plans and how the entire episode is bad for eSports.