Reunited stop operations. Their players are free agents right now

Reunited stop operations. Their players are free agents right now

Reunited have been involved in the Overwatch scene since its inception. They were one of the first competitive teams to participate in the game and their presence has impacted the scene in more ways than one. The team has had its loyal fanbase who have followed the team through thick and thin.

Reunited’s performance recently has been slacking and while that might not mean the best it definitely has been a reason for them to not continue operations. The reasons given out on their official announcement is the lack of money. Despite being a successful team competitively, they have not been able to secure sponsors and funding enough to keep them going through 2017.


One of the reasons for them not to be able to secure funding is their poor performance. But a major reason for their inability to secure money is Blizzard;s Overwatch League. The uncertainty surrounding the league has impacted any further investments into their team. They do support the Overwatch league wholeheartedly. They actually encourage it as it is good for the community, however it does mean they as a team will not be able to continue through 2017.

There is a range of reasons as to why this is happening now. The main reason, however, is the timing of the Overwatch League conflicting with our internal financial model, as we are running out of money. Earlier this fall, the news surfaced that we were in talks with several large sports entities, however, none of these were successful due to the uncertainty surrounding the acquisition of league spots. To be very clear: we are not opponents to Blizzard’s work with the league and actually believe that this is what the industry needs to push forward. However, in the case of Reunited, the timing came at the worst possible moment. We look forward to following the league and cheer for the boys as they enter the most ambitious stage in esports history.

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